Frontend Developer

In today’s emerging market, there are only a few times in your life when you’ll be confronted with the opportunity to join a company at its redefining stage. That is why we are empowering the next generation Fintech & Tax Company, and we’re optimistic of a world-class talent to partner with us in achieving this vision. By partnering with us, you’ll be joining a wonderful team of ambitious people who are mainly focused on one thing – contributing to more synergy by being multidisciplinary.

For record purpose, TIFS started as a tax consultancy project that provides in-house tax support to SME companies. By integrating tax, finance, and technology we able to create synergy with the aim of creating synergy by multidisciplinary teams. For some time now, Tax, IT & Finance Synergy have enjoyed the privilege of serving both at the national, oversea and multinational customers with a team of gifted and multidisciplinary young people. With our personal leadership approach built on building a strong network, we focus on innovation, growth, and creativity.


    A TIF Synergy item in RTLZ. Watch the item here

    05 Jun 2023


    We sold our ExtendedFlow Tool to the Dutch (Multinational) market leader of business software. Read more about our process flow software.

    01 Jun 2023