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Our business model is typical of a software company (develop once use often) which makes the business scalable. The business model is 100% opposite to the non-scalable accountants’ model (fee per hour).Our efficient team strive to maintain a culture that breeds entrepreneurialism and innovation. That is why we are committed to empowering our customers with the expertise and technology to contribute to our business proposition.The multidisciplinary strength of people, teams, and organizations remain very fundamental to us. We believe this will invent and motivate the synergy and the love for synergy. Our workforce comprises experts from different walks of life. The goal is to efficiently harness the different talents and skills available in achieving set targets. We also focus on achieving expected results on a sustainable basis that can stand the test of time and be easily maintained. Interestingly, we have found a way to ameliorate the hurdles associated with customer’s tax and finance hurdles. To ensure a speedy, less stressful and efficient settlement, we have employed the services of tax and finance professionals to handle such related cases for both local and foreign businesses.

Our added value and the gap we fill in the future market

Tax reporting is a multidisciplinairy process which is mainly data driven. The source of the start of the tax reporting process is usually coming from an ERP system. Currently ERP providers focus on a solution for their own software, but in complex environments data is coming from different sources. On top of that most tax advisors and accountants have single disciplinairy skills and knowdledge. So there is often a lack of IT skills due to the fact that there is no incentive to disprupt their own (fee per hour) revenue model.


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