Raj Balgobind

Innovator & tax (technology) leader

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I am a driven and enthusiastic person, and my multidisciplinary nature makes me a quick learner in varying settings. Indeed, I can take a position from a tax, finance, business and social perspective. This makes me a professional with both hard and soft skills with a focus on people, process, technology, strategic output and desired outcome(s).

Our Founder

Raj had this passion for entrepreneurship from the age when most of the people are thinking about their school grades. He initiated his first start-up at the age of 16 with a sales company. One of his most significant successes was offering regular services to De Pers group Netherlands (formerly known as Koninklijke Wegener NV).
At the age of 20, he enrolled in a Technical institute (Technische Universiteit Twente) and pursued Electrical Engineering. However, he discovered his true interests later and migrated to Rijks University Groningen and graduated in two disciplines, Social Sciences, and Taxation Laws. During his career, Raj consistently acquired the latest marketable skills from highly reputed institutions like Harvard and Insead. Later, Raj post-graduated from Nyenrode Business University.
In the last three years, Raj has extended his professional services to multinational companies and Non-profit Organizations in the domestic and internal arena, mainly dealing with Housing Corporations. He worked as an Advisor and worked on tax (technology) projects for several iconic multinational corporations, including Vodafone &Ziggo, Polyconcept, W.P, Carey Inc, and Kuwait Petroleum.
Raj also kept excelling in domestic corporations and worked with several companies like de Alliantie, de Key, and Mitros. His latest achievements include developing, redesigning, and optimizing the “Indirect Taxation” process through devising and integrating specialized software for Vodafone and Ziggo. His worth-mentioning achievement is developing the first Housing Corporation (direct) Taxation Automation software and integrated with Mitros’ organizational setup.
Currently, Raj is positioned as a board member at the VRC – a leading independent Dutch professional association of CFO’s and Financial Managers. He, along with the chairman, redesigned the organizational system by implementing complete automation. This revolutionary structural change increased the savings up to 800,000 Euros/year while the company projected 5 million Euro savings for the next five years.
Having a strong educational background and experience of “countless” years has earned him professional skills and competencies that enabled him to gain a corporative reputation and success.
Raj has this unique ability to integrate employees and work processes. He has mastered the communication, analytical, problem-solving, and multitasking skills. He leads high-performance teams to achieve organizational objectives while fostering organizational change and adopting new technologies, building profitable and long-lasting partnerships with senior executives, clients, and all stakeholders to mitigate issues and sustain business growth.
Raj simply loves sharing knowledge and working with amazing people.